The New York Guitar Ensemble - Four on Six

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Track List:
1) Wes' Tune
2) In Your Own Sweet Way
3) old Folks
4) Unit 7
5) Speak Like A Child
6) Four On Six
7) The Little Green Thang

Bob Ward (guitar, leader)
Paul Meyers (guitar)
Scott Hardy (guitar)
Bill Bickford (guitar)
Peter Leitch (guitar)
Steve Alcott (bass)
Taro Okomoto (drums)

What started out as an informal gathering among friends had culminated here in one of the more exemplary guitar albums. these five accomplished plectorists has been together now for nearly three years. It began as an exercise in sight reading, just to stay fresh and have some fun. Bassist Steve Alcott and drummer Taro Okomoto came aboard and before they knew it, the weekly workshop had blossomed into a serious musical venture. They began gigging around New York at straight ahead haunts like the Jazz Cultural Theatre in Manhattan and Sonny's Place on Long Island. Now, through the auspices of Gerry Macdonald and Choice Records, they are documenting their marvellous sounds. 
Bill Mikowski, Downbeat/Guiltar World (1985)

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