Shanti Paul Jayasinha - Round Trip

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Renowned on the UK jazz scene as a featured artist with some of the hottest latin jazz ensembles around, Shanti Paul Jayasinha has now stepped out and put down his musical marker with his first outing as leader. Entitled ‘Round Trip,’ Paul’s debut album is a soundscape of world jazz rhythms and features artists , Patrick Clahar (tenor sax), John Crawford (piano), Andy Lafone (bass guitar), Davide Giovannini (drums) and guest artists Alex Wilson, Tim Garland and Paul Booth. 
Track List: 
1) The Gatekeeper
2) Joao
3) Sufi
4) Racatu
5) Jamuba
6) Round Trip
7) A Caballo
8) Rooftop Samba
9) Yambu
10) Outono

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