Gustavo Marques & Pororocas - Jazz Popular Brasileira

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Jazz Popular Brasileiro is a fine introduction to the vibrant music of Gustavo Marques and Pororocas and gives us a valuable insight into the scope of Brazilian music far from it's native shores.

Track List:

1) Don't You Go Away (Samba)
2) Embola A bola (Samba)
3) Tico Tico (Choro-Baiao)
4) You Don't Know What Love Is (Bossa Nova)
5) Corrida da Jangada / Samba da Minha Terra (Samba)
6) Pororocas (Baiao)
7) Joy You Give (Bossa Nova)
8) Ladeira da Preguica (Samba)
9) Lamentos (Choro)
10) Assanhada (Choro)
11) Canto Da Ema (Baiao)

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