Wes Montgomery - Body and Soul

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There as so many remarkable features to mention about the great guitarist Wes Montgomery. his comparatively late start as a professional player, his self motivated mastery of the instrument without learning to read music, his use of the thumb instead of a pick, his technique that enabled him to play lengthy passages utilising block chords and series of octave leaps and swing like made at the same time, his virtual disregard of normal players' need to devote time to regular practice. All these things, and more, were his way of creating uniquely memorable jazz. Along with Garner, Rich, Getz and a few others, Wes was one of the absolutely 'naturals' of jazz. 

Wes died at the tragically early age of 45 in June 1968, just three years and one month after playing the music heard on this album. His period of fame and success had been a mere nine years. 

'Body and Soul' is positive evidence of the basis for the massive stir caused by Wes in April-Mary 1965 at Ronnie Scott's jazz club on Gerrard Street in London's Soho. 

Wes Montgomery - Guitar Stan Tracey - Piano
Rick Laird - Bass
Ronnie Stephenson - Drums

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