Luis Bonilla & The Latin Jazz All Stars - Pasos Gigantes

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Luis Bonilla and friends, expose the virtues of jazz and Latin sounds and quite willingly add more contemporary shades to the music.

In this programme, listeners will be delighted by the new perspectives afforded to such familiar jazz standards as "Giant Steps" (taking on a new life as 'Pasos Gigantes'), 'If You Could See Me Now' and even 'Caravan.' Wayne Shorter's 'Deluge' is also positively refreshed and there are enough cooking compositions within the band to indicate their collective skills in this area.

For Luis Bonilla there performances are indeed 'Pasos Gigantes' along his chosen career path and will assuredly bring him much wide recognition. Listeners will doubtless be thankful that Luis has been given the perfect platform so that we can celebrate his remarkable artistry in this marriage of Latin and Jazz. For here the "love affair" becomes a genuine reunion.

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