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This is the debut album by Bristol based post-jazz rockers, The Blessing. formed by drummer Clive Deamer and bassist Jim Barr of '9-s trip-hop superstars, Portishead, the Blessing are storming onto the scene, taking riffs and rhythms from rock and dance music and artfully welding them onto fearsomely inventive improvisation. With trumpeter Pete Judge and saxophonist completing the line up, The Blessing's catchy, rocking tunes and snappy arrangements create a genre-bending blend of sounds that is all their own. 

Track List

  • Bleach Cake
  • That Ain't It
  • Another Brother's Mother
  • Cake Hole
  • Loubia
  • Can't Believe In Faith
  • Thermos
  • Suki's Suzuki
  • Equal and Opposite

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