Monty Waters - The Black Cat

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Track List:
1) J Love March
2) Bog's Blues
3) Apt #2H
4) Modesto
5) The Black Cat
6) R.P.M. 

Monty Waters (alto saxophone)
Yoshiaki Masuo (guitar)
Ronnie Boykins (bass)
George Avaloz (drums)

Monnville Charles (Monty) waters was born in Modesto, California on April 14th 1938 and passed away in Munich on December 22nd 2008. He is another of Jazz's unsung heroes and his death went virtually un-noticed by the International jazz community, as indeed had most of his career. This is indeed regrettable as Monty was clearly an artist of consummate talent in both his playing and writing ability. 

Monty studied music at Modesto High and cust his teeth in the vibrant R and B scene in the late '50s, touring with the bands of B.B. King, Little Richards, James Brown and others before settling in San Francisco. playing around the scene there lead to associations with the likes of King Pleasure and Red Garland - who is credited with bringing him into jazz. He became a soul brother of fellow saxophonist Dewey Redman, also residence in the city and together they co-led a Big Band for many years often playing at the Bop City and Soulville clubs.

This is a legendary recording from New York's famous "loft" scene of the '70s. There are fine moments abound all the way through by try Modesto for Monty from the soul and the extraordinary tour de force which is R.P.M for the definitive display of the Waters very individual art.

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