Dizzy Gillespie Big Band - Groovin' High

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Track List:
1) Groovin' High 2) Tin Tin Deo 3) Jessica's Day 4) Yesterdays 5) Cool Breeze 6) Dizzy's Blues 7) A Night In Tunisia 8) Stella By Starlight 9) Doodlin' 10) Tangorine 11) Whisper Not 12) Groovin' For Nat 

In 1956 Politician, Adam Clayton Powell convinced President Dwight D. Eisenhower that the moment was right for a jazz tour of Africa, the Near East and Asia. 

The civil rights issue had become very important in America and Powell considered it an appropriate time to show the world that the country's racial problems were almost over. His choice of man to lead this venture was Dizzy Gillespie, the personnel was a mixture of racial, sexual and religious denominations and, in the main, the musicians heard on this release are those that made the now famous U.S. State Department tour. 

Throughout this whole set, the jazz is magnificent and the principal can be heard at his masterful best. The bonus is that he is surrounded by such very special sidemen: 
TRACKS 1 - 5: Dizzy Gillespie, Joe Gordon, Ermet Perry, Carl Warwick, Quincy Jones (trumpets); Melba Liston, Frank Rehak, Rod Levitt (trombones); Phil Woods, Jimmy Powell (alto saxophones); Benny Golson, Billy Mitchell (tenor saxophones); Marty Flax (baritone saxohpone); Walter Bishop (piano); Nelson Boyd (bass); Charlie Persip (drums). 
TRACKS 6 - 12: As above but Ernie Henry (alto saxophone) replaces Jimmy Powell and Ernie Wilkins (tenor saxophone) 

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