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London in the sixties was not only 'swingin' in the world of pop music in Abbey Road and fashion in Carnaby Street. In a basement at 39 Gerrard Street in London Soho, Ronnie Scott's Jazz club was presenting, for the first time in any British jazz club, famous American jazz musicians. After years of a ban on US musicians playing in this country, the barriers were broken down and the local scene was hearing in person for the first time, some of the jazz greats. 

In October 1963, Ronnie's hope that Kirk would visit came about and it was a sensational as he had predicted. In a rare review for Crescendo magazine, Les Tomkins referred to Roland as "the greatest showman jazz has ever seen...the jazz he produces is vital, creative, full of unusual and expected elements and highly stimulating for his audience. On tenor he ranks with the great improvisors. On Manzello, with its wailing soprano-like sound, he also has a lot to say. The supplementary vocal and other effects he introduces into his flute playing could be irritating done by a lesser musician - form him they are wholly acceptable. He generates an aura of an extraordinarily artistic sound, unwilling and unable to be hemmed in." 

Roland Kirk - Tenor saxophone, manzello, stritch, flute, nose flute, siren, saxophonium, voice
Stan Tracy - Piano
Rick Laird - Bass
Allan Ganley - Drums

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