Vic Lewis - Me and You

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Track List:
1. Me and You! 
2. You and The Night and The Music
3. Between You and Me and The Gatepost
4. You’re My Thrill 
5. You and Me 
6. My Ideal 
7. Bl-You-Uuz
8. Somebody Loves Me

Me and You presents the cream of Los Angeles jazz musicians blended into the greatest West Coast band assembled since the heady days of the 50’s. Carl Saunders and Ron Stout (trumpets), trombone wizard Andy Martin, ace tenor man Ray Herman, pianist Christian Jacob together with John Clayton and Jeff Hamilton are the new breed featured on ME AND YOU - and there is the added bonus of the legendary BILL PERKINS still performing his unique saxophone magic.

The set abounds with great music and musicianship. There are compositions and arrangements by the likes of Lennie Niehans, Bill Perkins, John Clayton, David Angel and quality contributions by every one of the All Stars.

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