Flip Philips - Spanish Eyes

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This album is a happy, long overdue event. Expecting a few spots on some jazz festival collections, and a European recorded and released collaboration with Billy Butterfield, it marks Flip Phillips' first appearance on record since the early sixties.

He sounds as good as he ever did, which comes as no surprise to those who are lucky enough to have heard him live. The qualities that made Flip Phillips one of the most popular tenormen of the forties and fifties - a big warm tone, solid swing, sound musical ideas directly and unpretentiously expressed -remain in tact. He hasn't changed his style of approach to music, his command of the bass clarinet, an instrument he first introduced on record in 1963, has become even more impressive, his playing of it here is simply beautiful.

Sidemen on this 1975 recording were Mickey Crane (piano), Milt Hinton (bass) and Mousey Alexander (drums).

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