Cecil Taylor & Buell Neidlinger - New York City R & B

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Cecil Taylor & Buell Neidlinger - New York City R & B

This session produced for Candid has never before been released. In addition to it's clear historical importance, the music holds up on it's own and likely to lift you up as well.

This outing by Cecil Taylor and Buell Neidlinger spanned over two nights in January 1961, high up on West 57th Street and was made up of New York based musicians.

The session has two blues; 'O.P.' is Buell's tribute to Oscar Pettiford and 'Things Ain't What They Used To Be.' The song 'Cindy's Main Mood' was improvised at the session and was Buell's dedication to an American dancer, Cynthia Clark.

Sidemen for OP and Cindy's Main Mood were Archie Shepp on tenor sax, Billy Higgins on drums and timpani.

'Cell Walk For Celeste' finds Taylor, Shepp and Neidlinger with the uniquely expressive drummer Dennis Charles. Cecil in fact taught Dennis the drum part as he didn't read music at the time.

On 'Things Ain't What They Used To Be', Taylor and Neidlinger are joined by the musical forces of Archie Shepp (tenor sax), Billy Higgins (drums), Clark Terry (trumpet), Roswell Rudd (trombone), Steve Lacy (soprano sax) and Charles Davis (baritone sax).

The album was a whole, reveals considerable force of Buell Neidlinger as well as that of Cecil.

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