Bruce Forman - Coast To Coast

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Track List:
1) Lover Man
2) Slow Boat To China
3) Her Name
4) Chasin' The Blues
5) Common Touch
6) D.S. al Detroit
7) Senor Seven

Bruce Forman (guitar)
Dick Hindman (piano)
Peter Barshay (bass)
Scott Morris (drums)
Frank Martin (keyboards)
Kent Cohea (flute)
Rich Gerard (bass)

A super-talented jazz guitarist who does not play rock and roll or fusion but who burns on straight ahead bebop and the blues is a rare find today . Likewise it is uncommon for a swinging jazz guitarist not to be a stylistic descendent of Charlie Christian. Bruce Forman is such an anomaly. 

Bruce Forman has been tightly associated with formidably exciting alto saxophonist Richie Cole, who is also uncompromising about his swing/bop emphasis. The two share in musical priorities, startling intuitive interplay and relentless high energy - coaxing memories of the magical energy of Bird and Diz. 

Born in Springfield, Mass. in 1956, he lived in Dallas until 13 and later moved to S.F. - his home for most of the past decade. After seven years of classical piano, he picked up guitar at 14, turned on to jazz via a disc by Bird and he was on his way - teaching himself guitar and saxophones. 

Coast To Coast dramatizes Forman's cross section of places and music. It is an appropriate first statement documenting his stature as a composer and improvisor on his own date.

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