Ricky Ford - Hot Brass

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Meaningful portents surrounded this session by the Ricky Ford Septet. It took place on the even of what would have been Duke Ellington's 92nd Birthday. What will surprise is the strength and originality of his compositions, the skill of his arrangements and the exuberance of his tenor saxophone.

With a pocket brass section (Lew Soloff, trumpet; Claudio Roditi, trumpet; Steve Turre, trombone) and his saxophone he wrote for a big little band, employing three and four part harmonies in the sort of way that Ellington, Strayhorn and Benny Carter did in the past.

This album gives more than a hint that the full scope of Ricky's talent may actually need a large ensemble to flower. There is no doubt that he had been born 40 years earlier he might hare been a principal soloist and arranger with one of the classic swing bands. His ability in all areas of musical expression continues to develop and here he has produced an ambitious and intriguing album.

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