David Newton - 12th of the 12th, A Portrait of Frank Sinatra

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Poll-winning pianist David Newton has long been an admirer of Frank Sinatra's technical mastery and emotional impact. Here he has chosen to go it alonegiving from the pianist's point of view, the essential Sinatra.

The thirteen songs cover a twenty six year period in the Sinatra career. The fourteenth track is Newton's own portrait of the saloon singer -Sinatra's preferred description of himself. 'Twelth of the Twelth' (the day and month of the singer's birth in 1915) was one take spontaneous improvisation by Newton that depicts disillusionment without descending into self pity.

It is but one of numerous gems scattered throughout the album which are proof of David Newton's exceptional technical ability allied to melodic, harmonic and rhythmic sophistication, precision of touch and warmth of tone.

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