Zoot Sims - Gettin' Sentimental

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Most records are made within the note very warm and inspiring confines of a recording studio. This marvellous album was cut within the very warm and definitely inspiring confines of the living room of Pat and Gerry Macdonald's cozy house in Sea Cliff overlooking Long Island Sound.

As nature prepares to renew itself, so Zoot Sims and Jimmy Rowles prepare to creatively renew an old and close musical and personal acquaintance which, oddly enough has not until now borne permanent fruit. Two Westerners (Zoot: Inglewood, California; Jimmy: Spokane, Washington) come about as far East as the country goes, recording together for the first time, in ideal circumstances.

With Zoot's favourite rhythm team to float on, two masters of the rare and special art of transforming good tunes into great music got to work. The programme, informally mapped out in advance, consists of a few not unfamiliar pieces, and some read finds.

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