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Kyle Eastwood (bass, electric bass), Andrew McCormack (piano, electric piano), Graeme Flowers(trumpet, flugel horn), Graeme Blevins (tenor & soprano saxophones), Dave O’Higgins (tenor saxophone), Martyn Kaine (drums) and others.

This collection of tunes, handpicked by Kyle himself is drawn from all the albums Kyle recorded for Candid in a seven year period after he burst onto the European stage in 2004. It was a very formative period for Kyle during which he assembled and developed a wonderful band featuring young musicians who were the cream of the contemporary scene. From the very first album Paris Blue the crew moulded into a tight, virile and adventurous outfit which has gone on to become one of the top attractions in major clubs and Festivals around the world. 

The first tune on his first album was the classic Big Noise from Winnetka which is included here (complete with whistling by Clint and as a bonus we have added to this set a live version done recently at the renowned Blue Note club in Tokyo which seems to typify the Eastwood ethos as the guys “ let it all hang out”!!!!!

01 Big Noise (From Winnetka) 3.36 (B. Haggert)

02 Marrakech 6.01 (K. Eastwood/J. Regen)

03 Solferino 6.24 (K. Eastwood/M. Stevens/D. Razel)

04 I Can't Remember 3.54 (K. Eastwood/M. Stevens/Ben Cullum)

05 Song for Ruth 5.32 (K. Eastwood/M Stevens/Dave O’Higgins)

06 Metropolitain 6.33 (K Eastwood/M. Stevens/E. Davis)

07 Samba de Paris 7.22 (K Eastwood/M. Stevens/A. McCormack/E Davis)

08 Song for You 3.23 (K. Eastwood/M.Stevens/A. McCormack/Ben Cullum/M. Kaine)

09 Andalucia 6.18 (K. Eastwood/A. McCormack/M. Stevens)

10 Tonic 5.48 (G. Blevins/K. Eastwood)

11 Café Calypso 5.19 (K. Eastwood/A. McCormack/G. Blevins/M. Kaine)

12 Big Noise (From Winnetka) (live in Tokyo) 9.46 (B. Haggert)

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