Mina Agossi - Well You Needn't

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Mina Agossi - Well You Needn't

Drum'n'bass, the spartan backing which Mina employs is an essential part and parcel of her persona. "When I sing a song by Monk, he teaches me about Monk. I cannot sing the songs in 2005 just trying to conjure up an image of the 60s. I cannot sing standards in the same way as the masters with my young friends of 30 years old." - Mina says. This is evidenced by her take on the opener - 'Why Don't You do Right?' made famous by Peggy Lee. She performs the number in her trademark languid style, underpinned by the hypnotic groove generated by her two rhythm masters. Mina also has a predilection for the work of Jimi Hendrix and captures the essence of Hendrix probably better than anyone else. 'Voodoo Chile' seems in a sense to have been written for her, so intense is the drive and emotion she conveys.

Track List:

1) Why Don't You Do Right?
2) Don't Look At Me
3) Well You Needn't!
4) Drive
5) May I Sit At Your Table?
6) Father's Talk
7) Ghost Of Yesterday
8) You
9) Voodoo Child
10) Rose Petals
11) After You've Gone
12) Laundry Man Blues
13) Au Bois De Boulogne (Bonus Track) 

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