Larry Gales - A Message From Monk

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Gales is a man who knew every nuance of Monk's musical thought processes from having worked with the master nightly for five years (1964-69) when Thelonious was at last reaping the rewards he was due. For three years until '67, the drummer beside him was Ben Riley. Gales and Riley were like Monk's heartbeat as they went rhythmning around the world in his company. Their reunion for this set is a delight and ensures the authenticity of the band's base for the enterprise at hand.

Mention must be made of the contributions of the exceptionally talented brassman Claudio Roditi. He and trombonist Steve Turre reveal themselves to be sensitive interpreters of Thelonious. Saxophonist Junior Cook slips easily into the role made his own by Charlie Rouse in the classic Monk Quartets.

However, it is without doubt the hugely gifted pianist Benny Green who steals the show. Blessed with a marvellous touch and melodic turn of phrase, Green shows us in this set with a myriad little rhythmic nuances, quotations and a Monkish touch just how deeply he has delved into Monk's music. These insights are imparted gracefully without any trace of wise guy hipness, but with a sense of deep respect for the departed genius.

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