Abbey Lincoln - Straight Ahead

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Here this album showcases Abbey's singing and her vividly personal timbre and phrasing. There is also a deeper capacity to become totally part of a song.

Like Max Roach, who has been a vital force in her musical development, Abbey is intensely involved in the movement for equality here and is also absorbed in the whirlpool of African nationalism.

This album features several songs with lyrics by Abbey, and all the songs tell of feelings with which she thoroughly identifies. The burstling lp by Coleman Hawkins who worked with Abbey on the We Insist! Album has since been a partisan of Miss Lincoln. Other sidemen are Max Roach, Eric Dolphy, Mal Waldron, Booker little, Julian Priester, Art Davis and Walter Benton.

Track List:

1) Straight Ahead
2) When Malindy Sings
3) In The Red
4) Blue Monk
5) Left Alone
6) African Lady
7) Retribution

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